@font-face and donwloadable fonts in modern browsers Dima Michaelov
We can use @font-face directive of CSS to embed custom fonts into the page. Here I post a list of articles I found on the net that explain this matter.

In this article you will learn about the common fonts both for Windows and Mac with reproduction of how they look:

Here's an article that in 2 paragraphs explains @font-face and how it is used:

and this is Mozilla Developer portal's page as a reference to @font-face selector:

This article provides in-depth discussion on how IE and other browsers load fonts and what to do if you want to create compact @font-face declaration for both worlds (if you want to save time just jump to green "Bulletproof @font-face: Smiley variation" subtitle):
NOTE: There's also paragraph on some gotchas that you must be aware of!

Finally, this article explains font blockness in IE and provides working remedy for that (extra CSS declarations that only IE understands):

Thank you for your attention, use this information wisely :- )
posted: 03/11/2010 15:51:49