High-availability applications, systems & websites.

On-time and on-budget delivery, with the technology depth you need.

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Lehavi Solutions provides tailor-made high-availability applications, systems and websites. 

We've been around since 2004 and have grown to provide many customers with the best solutions in terms of time, cost and technology choice and practice.  If you're looking for consulting, from architecture to design for scale and user interface issues, we can support you. We can also provide most R&D support you may need. Our top tier customers, and the many start-ups who began their web applications on our premises, can attest to the value we bring to the table.

Solution is the brain child of Nimrod Lehavi, our CEO, who has coded, architected and defined many of the projects we're proud of.
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"Lehavi provided us a solution to major challenge we faced on a new platform. Their thinking process, their enthusiasm, before and during the project and quality deliverable were impressive, probational and friendly. We are sure to work with them in the future. "

Guy Bendov, CEO,Sidekick
"Lehavi Solutions delivered first time right an urgent project while getting a short notice. I'm looking forward to work with them again."

Amit Barkan , VP R&D,eToro
"I have been working with Lehavi solutions on several occasions most of which were on an extreme short time frames from kickoff to delivery. From the very first moment of requesting a price quote up to the delivery the service was absolutely great and the results were perfect match to the requirements. It had been a great pleasure working with Nimrod and ..."

Ariel Shemesh, Director of engineering,Verint
"Nimrod Lehavi is a well-connected and smart software specialist who is adept at the cutting-edge technologies of Web API's and social media. His creativity and grasp of the competitive space allow him to create innovative solutions, combining the power of mashups with original implementations. On top of all this, he's a pleasure to work with and gets the job..."

Bob Rosenschein, Founder & CEO,Answers.com
"Kenshoo used Lehavi’s services in several occasions. We were both very pleased and impressed with the professional and dedication level of the persons assigned to the projects. Kenshoo work in a very demanding environment where each person has a lot of influence on the final outcome – Lehavi’s programmers assigned to the projects were totally up to these ..."

Nir Cohen, CTO,Kenshoo
"Lehavi Solutions built what we asked for, on-time, on-budget, and found innovative approaches to some of our sticky problems. Very responsive, very knowledgable, and very easy to work with; Lehavi is a group we'll use again"

Miles Ward, Solutions Director,Visible Technologies
"I am more than satisfied With Lehavi solutions development. During our relationship, Nimrod's team has shown a good understanding of our own vision and work flows. Enabling us to save significant money yet at the same time providing us tools that allow a new level of monitoring, control and evaluation"

Guy Vardi, VP Distribution Operations,Oberon Games
"Lehavi Solutions is more than a development shop. They dedicated significant time to learn about both our business and the solution that our application was to provide. With this knowledge, they were able to provide not just top notch development expertise, but also significant insights into how to make our website a more strategic tool for both our company..."

Gary David, co-founder,Energy Spectrum
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